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Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 10:38:48 MDT

Date: 22 May 2000 13:51:28 +0200
From: Anders Sandberg <>
Subject: Re: Drugs and Despair writes:

>There are a few systems in the brain that send out signals using
>monoamine neuromodulators, that is neurochemicals containing a single
>amine group: serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and
>acetylcholine. These modulators affect how other neurons work, they
>essentially set the mode of thinking. Dopamine is involved among other
>things in reward/learning, norepinephrine
>wakefullness/alertness/startle, acetylcholine (my favorite)
>memory/attention and so on. Very important stuff, the baseline leves
>we have probably determine at least some of our personality and
>general mood.

And our general mood affects the baseline levels of these neurochemicals....

>Drugs that affect them (such as antidepressants,
>stimulants etc) have profound effects on mood and the way we think. So
>I was thinking that it would be a good thing to keep them more
>optimized and under tighter control.

Antidepressants might have their place, but the environment and our
(emotional) reaction to events in it, can be worked on without chemicals
...... which might be better to avoid *addiction* and dependence on coffee,
Prozac, alchohol, dope or any mood-altering substance. Light and colour has
an effect, music &c.

I think you are right about optimisation, but what do you mean by "tighter
control " of the drugs ... do you means personal control or legal controls
of use?

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