Re: Weasels vs. transparancy / traffic cameras

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 10:16:52 MDT

> >Depends. Property crime rates 5 times higher than the US? No right to
> >privacy on email? Political dissidents (irish) getting assassinated by
> >government SAS units? No free press (Official Secrets Act and various
> >libel laws)? What are the tax rates now over there? What are the value
> >added tax rates? Any country that taxes you on the number of closets you
> >have and the number of televisions you have is NOT a free country.
> To hear you tell it, though, there is not a free country on the face of
> the globe, and there never has been. Seems your criteria for what
> constitutes a "free" country is unsurmountably high.
> -Zero

There's a word for someone for whom the best in the world isn't
good enough..."Extropian".

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