Re: Weasels vs. transparancy / traffic cameras

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Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 07:29:52 MDT wrote:

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> > But transparency, if for no other
> > reason, will be well worth it for doing away with litigation.
> >
> List of crimes, performed for that special feeling of :
> " I can get away with it 'cause no one's watching"
> Tagging
> Running Red Lights
> Littering
> Vandalism
> Hacking
> (add your own bad behaviors you wouldn't do with someone watching)
> IMO people will resort to other things to have that emotion

Well, I wouldn't litter even in nobody was watching. Vandalism? Against
government property, yeah, not against people's private property. Whats Tagging?
You mean spray painting fur wearers? I would say that anyone who tags a woman
wearing fur must give equal time to men and hang outside a biker bar and tag the
first leather clad biker that comes out... <g> otherwise it just sexist and
speciesist. Bovines of the World, Unite! Bovine Liberation Army Front..

IMHO OK Bad behaviors when nobody is watching or around:

catch & not release
running red lights & stop signs
outdoors sex
billboard sabotage
foodfights at MacDonalds

One of my favorites:
Back in college, when someone passed out at our frat house, a group of us would
'food' them, which entailed moving them to the banquet table, and dressing them
up with various foods from the kitchen such that they looked like a buffet

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