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> > Its been said that people get the government they deserve. If that is
> > pointing out the flaws in government is really highlighting the flaws in
> > governed.
>Government somehow brings out the worst in people. There is no limit to
>many people are willing to exploit our weaknesses. If we are prone to
>they flatter us. If we value safety and security, they frighten us. If we
>compassionate, they will steal from us.
And if you think that's bad, now we also have the Russian Mafia moving into
the U.S. in droves. They - Russian mob bosses -have been quoted as saying
things like, "America is like Disneyland to us, you should have Mickey Mouse
as President (we don't???!)." or, "Krushchev said he would bury you. He
didn't, but we will." These are people - I've met some of them - who are
pure predators, bred from a line of centuries of predators going back to at
least Peter the Great. When the Soviet Union collapsed, they stole
everything in sight and then hired the Italian Mafia as consultants to train
them in Western scams and methods so they could expand.

These people are the logical and inevitable result of centuries of state
tyranny, when there is no trust of anyone by anyone, no morality, everything
is for sale, and the only way to prosper is to be a better weasel. In
Russia, they have always had to pay off the officials to run their
"business." Here, our very lack of total, ubiquitous corruption means that
their profit margins are much higher. This is "under the media radar," but
Ian Masters had a dynamite interview today on KPFK at 11:00 with a man who
just published a book on the subject and was promptly contacted by the FBI
with the information that a $100,000 contract was out on him and his family.
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