Re: Weasels vs. transparancy / traffic cameras

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 00:03:32 MDT

>From: Spike Jones <>

>Actually, in all the transparency debate no one has really
>brought out the fact that our society is quietly at war with
>itself in a sense. There are members therein who *want*
>the freedom to litter, tag, etc, whereas there are other
>members that do not want to look at the mess or pay
>to have it cleaned up and painted over. I do not know
>how to satisfy both sides. spike

How about segregrated inclusiveness? What's that mean? Well in this
context it means a sort of Randesque egoism, allowing everyone to do what
they feel, without infringing the right of others to do the same.
Specifically, how about designating certain spaces as taggable (galleries
even, for this "artform"). Those of us who don't appreciate that sort of
"art" are not subjected to it during our daily commutes, but those who must
express themselves that way have an outlet for it. Basically it comes down
to "live and let live."


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson

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