Re: Is the fourth time is the charm?

From: m (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 20:37:08 MDT

--- wrote:
> Michael writes:
> > Just because I cannot predict the outcome of an experiment, is a
> > reason for caution.
> >
> > That I could not tell the difference AFTER the experiment is no
> > guarantee that it worked the way I would have liked.

 (because it may be a "different" "I")

> It's not really an experiment if it gives you no information, is
> it?

True. That's the problem.

> You know the outcome beforehand.

But the point is we don't. The bind is, if the technology makes a
perfect physical copy AND you believe that a "duplicate" mind will
necessarily be "generated" by the copy, you will have no way of
checking (as an external observer), neither would the subject.
> > Like Mr Lorrey, I would like to believe in transporters, I'm just
> not
> > sure I can.
> How can you decide?

I don't know. Neither does anybody else though, I suspect :)

> Suppose you lived in a world where everyone used them. Would that
> make
> a difference?

Good questions, which I've wondered about. Obviously one would feel
more confident with technology that is familiar.

If I had previously used one, the "current" me might still want to
protect himself.
Familiarity with a system is NOT grounds for total trust! People have
been duped by familar systems before, from department store foot
X-rays to unsafe email!!


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