Re: SITE: Coding a Transhuman AI 2.0a

Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 16:18:29 MDT

Dan Fabulich writes:
> Hal Finney challenged:
> > Eliezer's coding cortext doesn't seem much more likely. I don't see
> > how it could do more than strictly localized parsing and improvement,
> > technologies we already have. Beyond that requires a deep understanding
> > of the purpose of code. An unintelligent brain fragment won't be able
> > to achieve this.
> An unintelligent brain fragment could do part of the work, but it
> couldn't give itself something to do. It needs the rest of the brain
> to do that.

Let me restate my question without all the baggage. What exactly
would this coding cortext do? How powerful is it supposed to be?
How intelligent? The document is not very clear about these points.


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