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In This Issue 5-19-00: What's Hot!---SNAKE VENOM TREATS STROKE, COLORECTAL
DISORDERS; Product of the Week--- Super Digestive Enzyme Caps.
What's Hot!
The Journal of the American Medical Association this week published an
article on the outcome of a trial of a new drug made from the venom of the
Malaysian pit viper. Ancrod, made by Knoll Pharmaceuticals, acts by
producing defibrinogenation in stroke patients. Depletion of fibrinogen
creates and anticoagulative effect, and decreases the viscosity of blood
leading to an improvement in circulation.

Colorectal cancer is the third most common form of cancer in both men and
women, with the exception of Hispanic, native American, Asian and Pacific
Islander women for whom it ranks second. Lung, breast and prostate cancers
remain the most frequently diagnosed cancers and a great amount of
attention has been given to their prevention. Antismoking campaigns target
all age groups, yearly mammograms are urged for women over forty and
prostate screening tests such as an annual PSA are finally being given the
attention they deserve.
Disease Therapy Protocols
The adrenals are two relatively crescent-shaped glands that are found
lying over the upper pole of each kidney. Each adrenal gland consists of
internal layers that produce different substances. The inner part, or
adrenal medulla, manufactures epinephrine and norepinephrine, more
commonly known as adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones are the
"fight or flight" hormones that are released in potentially "life or
death" situations. Their release increases heart rate and blood pressure
and diverts more blood to the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. This is
important when discussing stress (see Anxiety and Stress protocol) as well
as adrenal fatigue.
Cortisone and hydrocortisone regulate the body's glucose. Most readers are
familiar with the administration of corticosteroids to suppress the immune
system. Corticosteroids became available in the late 1940s and were
heralded as a miraculous treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. It did not
take long to find out that there was a serious price to pay for chronic
corticosteroid use. Patients developed symptoms, and physical findings
such as the development of Cushing's syndrome.

It is estimated that more than 100 million people in America are affected
by some form of digestive disease. That's more than half of the U.S.
For some people, digestive disorders are a source of irritation and
discomfort that may cause them to drastically limit their life styles and
miss work frequently. For others, these disorders may be extremely
crippling, and even fatal.
Digest RC uses a layered delivery system to ensure that the various herbal
extracts perform their intended function in the right part of the
digestive tract. The ingredients are cultivated in Europe in a
pesticide-free environment and are standardized to ensure uniform potency.
The safety profile and demonstrated efficacy of herbs such as artichoke,
black radish, and peppermint, particularly in standardized pharmaceutical
grade extract form, suggest that here is the answer to the digestive
problems of millions of Americans.
Product of the Week
As humans age and the body's ability to break down food diminishes, a
deficiency of pancreatic enzymes occurs. Since these enzymes are vital to
maintain cellular function, a number of degenerative diseases may result.
SUPER DIGESTIVE ENZYMES are Life Extension Foundation's response to the
need for a comprehensive enzyme supplement. Designed to adapt to a variety
of stomach acid ph conditions. SUPER DIGESTIVE ENZYMES facilitates the
digestion of protein, fat carbohydrates, fiber and milk lactose.

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