Re: a new thread(breached skin)

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 21:07:06 MDT

"[ Robert-Coyote ]" wrote:
> re:breached skin
> Not a problem, the coupling device does not need access to the exterior of
> the skin, these could be subdural area surface transducers, you would need
> another transceiver topically adjacent to it, (like how a subdural magnet
> would react to another subdural magnet), it could even be optically
> sensitive, the soma is not so radio opaque.

Yes, there are ways to get a signal (and even some electrical power for
recharges) through skin. Although this is possibly the best alternative
for near term (within the next few years) devices, it does suffer from
problems with the amount of signal/charge that can be transmitted, as
well as disallowing certain applications altogether (for instance,
deeper-than-skin release of drugs, unless one puts a bin inside the skin
and resupplies it by surgery every so often). There's also a lack of
data on long-term effects of transceivers of the necessary strength
operating inside the body.

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