Extropy Institute responds to Bill Joy: Embrace, Don't Relinquish the Future

From: Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 13:51:43 MDT

Apologies for the press release format (this is going out to various media), but many people on this list will be interested.


Extropy Institute                   May 18, 2000
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Bill Joy would have us give up our future. He says “no” to the emerging technologies of genetic engineering, molecular nanotechnology, and robotics and artificial intelligence. But relinquishing these technologies will not promote our survival and is unethical, says Dr. Max More, leading futurist philosopher and president of Extropy Institute. “Holding back from developing the technologies targeted by Joy will not only shift power into dangerous hands, it will mean an unforgivable lassitude and complicity in the face of entropy and death.”

Joining Max More in rebutting Joy’s declaration in Wired is pioneering technologist and visionary Ray Kurzweil, along with extropic artist Natasha Vita-More, and a growing roster of transhumanist thinkers. The extropian transhumanist response to Bill Joy is now on Extropy Institute’s website:


Extropy Institute is a non-profit educational organization that acts as a networking and information center for those seeking to foster our continuing evolutionary advance by using technology to extend healthy life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems.

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