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Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 12:24:57 MDT

Joshua Scott wrote:
>My wife and I, both, have read the information that you
>provided at <>
>It has been a great beginning of a new way of thinking and
>living for my entire family.
>In #TL04 one of a few referrences about parenting were:
>"We humans are also born free. We are inherently and
>naturally free. But most parents break their children at an
>early age - turn them into broken-domesticated-obedient
>little slaves. "Teachers" continue the process in compulsory
>My question is, "How do we raise our child to be a Free
>Sovereign Citizen and not be lawless without the common
>'breaking' techniques such as spankings or other forms of
>punishments? I want my child to know who she is and to
>be free but I do not want her "domesticated".

Some people are, in my view, "politically domesticated" on
three levels:
1. Surface beliefs -- people who are politically domesticated
at this level believe that government is necessary to do all
kinds of things like building roads, providing education, etc.
Libertarians, anarchists, and other freedom lovers typically
shed such surface beliefs. They become less politically
2. Action -- freedom lovers who are politically domesticated
at this level generally believe that most or all of government
is bad and unnecessary, yet they continue to act in many
ways to support government, e.g., by working in corporations
that support government, by paying taxes, sending their
children to government schools, etc. As freedom lovers
become even less politically domesticated they reduce
their government-support actions and increase their
freedom-promoting actions.
3. Deep Beliefs -- freedom lovers who are politically domesticated
at this level adhere to a deep "semantic/thought structure"
which forms the foundation of statism. They continue to
support statism at a deep intellectual level.

On the Natural Liberty list we will (among other things)
discuss how children might be raised without domesticating
them, but so they'll still be able to interact harmoniously
with others (who are politically domesticated to various

We will also discuss how libertarians, anarchists, and other
freedom lovers can advance, from whatever degree of political
domestication, to complete Natural Liberty.

The Natural Liberty list was inspired by author Mack Tanner

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Frederick Mann

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