Re: iq tests

From: Emlyn (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 09:35:04 MDT

> If you have two teams of tag team wrestlers fighting a grudge match for
> the World Heavyweight Tag Team Wrestling title, how many people can be
> in the ring at any given time?
> a) Diamond Dallas Paige, Mankind, and the referee
> b) Diamond Dallas Paige, Mankind, Michael Hart, and the referee
> c) Diamond Dallas Paige, Mankind, Paige's girlfreind, the entire
> syndicates of the New World Order Red, White, and Black, two tables, a
> boa constrictor and no referee.
> d) Indeterminate, as this is a matter of quantum wrestlemechanics, and
> is described by the theory of the Goldberg Uncertainty Principle.
> Mike Lorrey

It's a trick question. Only the ref is in the ring; everyone else is outside
the ring,
belting each other with the timekeeper's bell, chairs, tables, the
"barrier", etc.
Meanwhile the ref, whose been knocked "out cold, can you believe it?" is
snoozing quietly...


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