Re: META: Enough already

From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 20:59:11 MDT

--- Cynthia <> wrote:
> > --- Ziana Astralos wrote:
> > ...
> > Had the discussion been held in private emails,
> > instead of across the whole list, this
> > unpleasentness could have been avoided.
> Death is an unpleasant thing. And if we want to
> avoid being lulled into complacency, we should stare

> directly into the eyes of death, until we comprehend

> the horror of it all.

I believe you have misunderstood what I was referring
to by "this unpleasentness". Of course death is
unpleasent, and I was in no means attempting to say
that we should avoid discussing it. What I *was*
referring to, was the upleasentness of this situation,
where people have been publicly discussing the means
of Sasha's death in direct opposition to the wishes of
his family, on a list with public archives no less.
That was what I meant; I apologise for any confusion.

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