RE: Possible meeting around Palo Alto conference?

From: Jones, Spike (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 16:49:52 MDT

Ja I would like to get together. Damien is staying at my
place in Milpitas. I am not attending the conference
{600 bucks is still a lotta money to me... {8-[ } but
there are some social events happening that i would
like to either join or help organize. Damien and I have
an engagement Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday
evenings, but I dont know what is going on Sunday after
the conference. Hey Lee please contact me offlist,
lets see what we can cook up. spike

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> Subject: Re: Possible meeting around Palo Alto conference?
> > There is a very extropian conference in Palo Alto this weekend
> > put on by the Foresight institute:
> >
> >
> > Unfortunately it is now $600 to attend, so I think I will skip it
> > even though I will happen to be in Palo Alto that weekend.
> > But perhaps people would be interested in having a get-together
> > after the conference? Some extropians will be in attendance,
> > including at least Robin Hanson, Nick Szabo, and Damien Broderick.
> > I will be in town, at (301) 523 6579. Is anyone interested
> > in meeting that Sunday evening, 6PM, in Palo Alto?
> I hadn't planned on attending the conference either, but I'll be
> in town. I've copied this thread to the Extropians list at large,
> because I'd be particularly interested in meeting some of the non-
> bay area folks who will be there (like Eli, as I recall).
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