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Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 08:52:15 MDT

 "Coyote" said:
> The only hope is the universe we know is a debug version with symbols, and
> we can connect an equivalent of a serial cable to this remotely, else we
> have a retail version, and our only hope is to fdisk.

I just learned that the Windows FDISK cannot cope with novel types of
partitions created after installing Linux, so it says on the one hand,
I cannot delete a partition due to the existence of logical partitions,
and on the other hand, that there are no logical partitions to delete!

However, that's not what caught my attention. I do find that the reality
that we have been taught is a simulacrum, a searching for meaning in
an exchange of symbols infinitely regressing without terminal referents.

I propose that I have found a set of referents to the common symbols,
but it changes the entire nature of what one would socially construct.

Here is my personal and web site introduction:

I am Glenn Scheper. I am mostly an avid lurker, but sometimes
I'll blurt out an heretical opinion upon a thread, and I help
anyone who asks to locate web information I might have cached.

Having reconstructed my psyche after an acute psychosis,
schizophrenia, and manic-depression for several years, I am
well positioned to tell a coherent interpretation for the
meanings of many universal archetypes that are as yet veiled.
I carry out this effort via my personal web site. Won't you
please examine it, and share it with others?

I walk the line between my completely straight, heterosexual,
monogamous lifestyle needs, and the intense personal pleasure
of autofellatio, performed during monadic tantric meditations.
For marital harmony, I've been suppressing, and converting my
monadic libido into early-morning web research and writing upon
my insight, that autofellatio is the occult theme of religions.

E.g., Here are some sound bytes from my essay:

(me:) I particularly enjoyed as a youth stories of King Arthur and the
knights of the round table, his sword named Excalibur, and the
sorcerer Merlin, which all form a literature derived from mythological
figures. Swords seem inevitably to be icons of the phallus. This
sword named Excalibur was notable in being named, as autofellatio
is naming. It was found piercing a rock, which is a sign for the
skull, the head, and could only removed by a magically distinguished
person, like the rock cum sword monad distinguished by autofellatio.

(KJV:) Then said Jonathan, My father hath troubled the land: see,
I pray you, how mine eyes have been enlightened, because I tasted
a little of this honey.

(KJV:) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.

(quote:) Indra has his throne in a storm cloud. Indra loves Soma and
women beyond anything in the universe - anytime and in vast excess
quantities. He can't just take a drink of Soma. He must become
falling down drunk (representing earthquakes) and will have liaisons
with ANY woman.

(quote:) although it's put a bit discreetly, the operative image here
would seem to be autofellatio. Ancient Egyptian texts state that
the creator god Atum (although in this text the sun god Re is
standing in for him), created Shu and Tefnut by spitting, or that
he created them by masturbating, but it is unusual to combine
the two images. This, in and of itself, invites us to contemplate

All this and more, I have just begin to gather, in the 500 Kbyte:
The Word of God; The Production of Christ.
A radical epistemology sufficient to usher in an epoch:
Presents the Word of God as sex-magickal autofellatio.

My other major web offerings are:
Biblical Prophecies correlated with Modern Objects
Showing that Ezekiel's beasts, lightnings, wings and wheels are
an automobile engine. Shows too how the Chornobyl Nuclear Power
Plant disaster fulfills Gog and Magog, the Armageddon event.
Glenn Scheper Knows!
Homepage of Glenn Scheper. Categorized annotated links to over 50
thousand gnostic, christian, spiritual, magic, pagan, philosophy,
psychology, mystery, prophecy, revelation, and end-times web pages.

Surf v1.4: Free Win32 web browse/analyze robot
Surf is an open source freeware Internet text web browser for
the Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT operating systems.

Welcome to my pleasuredome!

Yours truly,
Glenn Scheper

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