Re: Dreams have to come from SOMEWHERE

Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 16:33:41 MDT

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> Dreams have content. That content must come from
> somewhere. A given theory of dream interpretation
> might be total rubbish, but it is obvious that
> the content of dreams reflect in some way the content
> of the mind of the dreamer.
> Regardless of how kooky his theories might have been,
> Freud was a pioneer in that he attempted to apply
> a scientific spirit to the interpretation of dreams
> to learn something about the unconscious contents
> of the mind.

    I think his downfall was to force his own personal interpretation on the
contents of other peoples dreams. Only the dreamer knows the proper
interpretation, which is purely relevant to their own experience and thought
process. I have had many frightening dreams of war and haulacaust. Freud may
well have interpreted these as repressed aggression or sexual desire whereas
I know this is due to my deep rooted fear and loathing of war.

> * If the dreamer HADN'T heard of Washington and
> his crossing of the Delaware, you'd have to start
> wondering about that collective unconscious stuff.

    Ive already put my head on the block about that one. :o)


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