Re: On Sasha, Words Escape Me

Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 10:28:46 MDT

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<< By the way, we should feel a great loss even if he had
 been frozen, since the odds of success don't seem that
 great. Which isn't to say we shouldn't try.
 (I'm signed up with Alcor.)
 One lesson we might want to learn here is that we brainy
 discuss big ideas types might try to pay more attention
 to the emotional health of those among us. >>
Yes try Alcor, try vitamins and diet-reduction, try getting the investors to
fund gene repair more heavily, support nanotech, promote a cleaner
environment, promote reasonable moves in support of massive extermination
weapons to be controlled better, all that and much more.

Now, at the end of the day, also consider the exploration of things we have
almost little knowledge of and can only conjecture-the remote future. For me,
its the hope that, as in another thread, we may find some reason to hope to
of seeing those that have passed from our lives. Sometimes its mentally,
healthier, to let go of those who have died and accept the permanence of
their deaths. On the other hand, some of us fools, understand the need to
hang on to a shred of hope, however, unlikely. Some of us, (not for
everyone!) find some comfort in the crazy notion that a bit of wisdom, and a
bit caring, may outlast eternal extinction.

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