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Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 07:48:51 MDT


>Innercool and two competitors - Radiant Medical of Redwood City,
>Calif. and Alsius Corp. of Irvine, Calif. - plan studies on
>victims of strokes and cardiac arrest, as well as on patients
>whose brain circulation must be stopped temporarily so doctors can
>fix broken blood vessels inside their heads.

>Many doctors agree that if cooling works, it will have to be done
>quickly, before the stroke runs its irreversible course. This will
>mean starting it as soon as suspected stroke patients arrive at
>the emergency room, or perhaps even before. Some suggest ambulance
>crews might insert a cooling catheter on the way
>to the hospital.

One of Saul Kents companies, 21st Century Medicine, has been
working on this for some time. If I remember correctly it involves
partial ventilation with an oxygenated flurocarbon. They are
specifically developing this for ambulance crews as I recall.


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