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From: Chimera (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 06:52:52 MDT

>===== Original Message From Damien Broderick =====
>At 09:20 AM 12/05/00 -0400, Chimera wrote:
>>BTW, are you already signed up, Damien? ;-)
>No. I live in the wrong part of the world (as do most people, of course).

Actually, you are one of the (relatively) lucky ones:
Cryonics Association of Australia (CAA)
"The Cryonics Association of Australia offers support for Australian residents
having suspension arrangements, or planning to make such arrangements, with
any of the major American cryonics organisations and seeks to promote the
concept generally in Australia."

I know for a fact that Australia has some fully signed-up Alcor members
(perhaps some CI members too, I'm not sure about that), so the only valid
excuse for not signing up would be (abject) poverty. Also, I think that if a
relatively prominent person like yourself signed up, this would set a very
positive example for transhumanists as well as "normal" people in your
country. More people signing up = better rescue infrastructure & more money
for crucial research, among other things. You could perhaps create a positive
upward spiral this way.

BTW, here's something for all you Kiwis out there...
New Zealand Cryonics Society

...and a list of all the major cryonics sites & organizations.
DMOZ (open directory project) cryonics page

>And besides, I estimate that there's bugger-all chance of successful
>revival given current best state of the art.

Maybe, maybe not. In any case it will be a helluvalot easier than reviving a
pile of dust or a bundle of bones.

> I just hope I can cling on
>long enough for age-halting and then reversing processes to become
>affordably available. But my brain is already slowly degrading, I feel it
>happening year by year as I grow palpably stupider and more forgetful.

You really should visit LEF ( then!

>Daisy daiisssyyyy.

Here doggie!

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