Re: Cryonics & psychopharmacology (suicide)

Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 17:31:30 MDT writes:

>> >Fortunately, most of us can rely on good old cowardice to keep
>> >us from suicide. Apparently Sasha was no coward...

>> Squashing this idea once and for all:
>> Committing suicide is _not_ a brave act. Clear?

I disagree. To me, suicide is the ultimate taking into one's own hands the
handling of a disastrous future. Motivations will be individual and perhaps
could have been changed, overcome, by drugs, psychotherapy, attention from
family or friends, restoration of health, or youth, "learning to accept"
whatever horror life has dished out *this* time... but perhaps not. The act
is, IMHO, very brave, as one's life is precious. There are some things
which, perhaps, one *will not* accept. YMMV.

All have agreed that Sasha was clear-thinking, smart, careful... If suicide
is what happened, and I still have not seen anything which verifies this
though I also feel I can read between the lines, surely he had his reasons,
and we must simply respect his decision, even if it saddens us.


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