Re: AI: FWD (IUFO/mind-l) Robokitty and Artificial brain building

Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 22:23:36 MDT

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<< I find it rather amusing that for so many years the liberals have been
 complaining that mankind needs to be, act, and live more intelligently.
 Now that we are attaining the ability to do so, they now shrink in fear
 that it may actually happen...
 Mike Lorrey >>
I bet the religious conservatives will be equally appalled at this
development. I am guessing that if the developed nations don't employ this
technology (if successful) then the 3rd world will. Count on these A-i
entities to help design and produce bamboo cruise missles for Burma. Also
efficient rice harvesters and such. Americans will use them to design
self-opening beer cans. :-)


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