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Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 11:21:11 MDT

How important is the physical aspect of the potential lover?

What if a person develops feelings of deep friendship and love for someone
with whom they've corresponded on the internet? And then the person finds
out that the object of his love is somehow physically inaccessable--maybe
the loved one resides on a faraway planet or is a consciousness arising from
a computer network?

 The consciousness is still there for the person as it has been throughout
the relationship, but now that any chance of physical contact is precluded,
will the friendship change? George Bernard Shaw once said that "The perfect
love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post." But could one HAVE
a love affair with someone who, as far as the person is concerned, is pure

What if the pure consciousness is so far superior to anyone else the
person's ever known that he realizes he'll never be able to love another
human? The physically inaccessible being is his "one-and-only"...
Would the person suffer extreme despair and want to die?


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Well, there is the "Renaissance Man Octathlon" I've read about.. where "in
one continuous exertion, one 1) runs a footrace, 2) plays a game of
Monopoly, 3) skis a slalom course, 4) parses a Latin sentence,
5) swims a set of rapids, 6) speedreads the Wall Street Journal,
7) runs a steeplechase, and 8) solves a set of trigonometry problems."
Don't know how it's supposed to be scored.

Still wouldn't look good for me though..

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