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Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 19:08:02 MDT

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from Brent:
>My view is that the better one is preserved, the sooner they
>will be fully recovered. There really can be no hard this one made it
>and that one didn't. Tippler, Moravec, and others have theorized
>about various ways our children will eventually be able to perfectly
>restore all of us. You say it is to late for Sasha, but I think we
>can always hold on to hope, even if it's only a slim hope, that some
>day, some way, our children will be able to recover all of us. In our
>current state of ignorance, can we really ever honestly say absolutely
>never!? I don't think so.

I agree. I should have said it *may be* too late for Sasha. This is
certainly a greater challenge for future medicine to wake one in such

Perhaps my extropian side was slightly suppressed when I wrote my message.
Sasha has certainly left us with a lot of information to gather and
preserve. I intend to contribute what I have, including photos and emails,
to the archive effort. It may be that what I mourn is the part of my brain
that enjoyed and recorded my interactions with Sasha. That part of my brain
will remain unstimulated by direct contact. How long I mourn will depend on
how long it continues to bother me that there is no longer a Sasha with
which to communicate. There will no longer be fresh material to inspire.

I realize that Sasha's death is another example of selection processes in
action. The strong will survive, though the definition of strength may
change. He made a choice when he did not sign up for cryonics. It is the
same choice that everyone who knows cryonics is an option is free to accept
or decline.

I've heard these theories that it will someday be possible to revive every
individual that every lived, with or without referent information. It's a
nice thought, and maybe it's true. I truly did not mean to imply that there
is *no* hope. I firmly intend to learn from this experience and provide what
support I may.


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