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From: David McFadzean (david@javien.com)
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 13:30:46 MDT

Long time Extropians Sean Morgan, Ken Kittlitz and I recently formed a
company, Javien Inc., to develop an enhanced online community system that is
intended to eventually replace the majordomo mailing list and associated web
archives. The system will include a subscriber database where anyone can
attach information that they choose to their online identity with
configurable access control.

We were working closely with Sasha to ensure that the new system will be
able to support his automated collaborative filtering ideas. Last month we
travelled to Boston where Sasha facilitated an introduction to 100xVentures.
We had some great conversations about the future of the internet and
before we left Sasha agreed in principle to become an equity partner in
Javien and our consulting chief scientist. The formation of Javien was
largely inspired by Sasha's ideas and we are still committed to making them
a reality. We currently have four full time employees. The seed financing
is in place to carry us for the next six months and we are in the process
of raising more capital.

These products will be open source. If anyone is interested in contributing
to the development of these ideas and/or joining our venture, join the
discussion by sending "subscribe connexus" in the body of a message to

In addition we are attending the Foresight Sr. Assoc. Gathering next
week in Palo Alto and we have set aside the day after the conference, Monday
the 22nd, to meet anyone interested in collaborating. Mail me if you are
interested in attending.

David McFadzean
VP Technology, Javien Inc.

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At 09:31 PM 5/11/00 , Brent wrote:

> Here are some of my thoughts about what such a system would
>start out being.
> There would be a "membership" link off of the main
>http://www.extropy.org/ page. People could go to this page and after
>logging in, check their membership status and update their personal
>information. This would include information like interrests, areas of
>expertise, extropian activities completed.... Everyone could specify
>the level of privacy for all data fields in their own DB file with the
>following proposed values:
>There would be a search page that would enable people like Sasha to
>find other extropians based on interrests, location, time....

Brent: I'm very much in favor of this idea. If ExI had had the money, we
would have hired someone to do something like this quite a while ago. It
could be a great addition to the value of the website and help build the
extropian community.

If we can gather the programming skills necessary and get commitments to
get the job done (and be sure that someone will maintain it), I would be
delighted. A members' interests/contacts page would not only be useful, it
would be -- as you note -- a tribute to Sasha by following up on one of his

Max More, Ph.D.
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