Re: Freedom to choose (was) Eliezer doesn't want cryonics?

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 11:21:11 MDT

> Really! People, I understand outrage and grief the senseless loss of someone
> you care about and wishing they had preserved their body in hope of
> reanimating him.
> But to demand that another person do it to save you pain?
> That isn't right.

You have an odd definition of "demand". What we've done is morely
point out to Eli mistakes in his argument: one, that as Michael
points out correcty, he doesn't get a vote in deciding how "important"
he is to the world--the world does. Second, while none of us would
deny him his freedom of choice, those choices do have consequences
for others--and not just emotional pain, but likely longer term real
affects of the absence of his mind and voice.

Certainly Eli has a right to make that decision for himself; but he's
the one who chose to justify it by denying that it affected others, and
in that he is mistaken.

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