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> Earlier in this post I mentioned experiences I've had which lead me to
> believe that our minds are only fragments of a greater intelligence. One
> these experiences involves a sort of super-data-base which can be accessed
> from altered states of consciousness such as a trance state. I haven't
> studied enough psychology to know if this is the sort of thing Jung
> to as the "collective unconscious" but I've heard the term, and it seems to
> fit the experience.

    This is a theory which I constructed myself at an early age without ever
having read the works of Jung or any other material on the subject. I have
often pondered on the possibility that all Humans and/or Animals comunicate
via unseen as yet unmeasurable methods. My original basis for this theory was
my own personal experience where I have invented various items only to find
that others have invented the same thing completely independently. This has
always been the case throughout history, the TV being a prime example. of
course this original rationalisation for my theory can be discredited by
saying the inventions were the natural progression of current technology and
I would wholly agree.
    I also added more credance to my theory by adding the evidence of
unexplained ESP cases that had been documented. For example, the conection
between twins feeling each others pain or the sudden and unexplained
realisation of the death of a loved on without any possible knowledge of the
    I have not always believed that there was a scientific explanation for
this link rather I believed in some sort of mubo jumbo majic link. This was
soon dispelled as I learned more about science and the *real* world and my
view point changed to my current belief. I know think that a link does exist
in some limited form, where information, emotions maybe even cognitive
thoughts can be somehow transmitted from one person to another. I have no
real idea how but modulation of the earths magnetic field by the brains
activity sounds like a feasable starting point. We after all are surrounded
by a thick soup of energy which our senses are consciously oblivious to, it's
not too hard to imagine that we somehow affect this soup and in doing so
impart something to it that can be recieved by the next person.
    I can imagine this imparted energy modulation or *transmission*
propergating like ripples accross the world. One question that has stuck in
my mind is If this collective unconscious does exist, why are there no
animals that have perfected this comunication. After all surely such an
animal would have little problem surviving, finding food would be easy, just
read the mind of a fellow animal of your species that has found food and go
to where they are. You would know where the preditors were etc etc. Perhaps
this ability is only a recent evolutionary event and only becoming minutely
apparent in the most complex brains on the planet. Maybe it has contributed
to the success of mankind ?.
    Of course as you can see my belief in this link is based on very little
evidence and can easily be argued, but I still think there is something in it
and to be honest the more I learn and think about it , the more I tend to
re-enforce my belief.

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