Re: Sasha's wake.

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 10:17:43 MDT

>> I miss Sasha's voice, too. If anyone has any audio recordings
>> of his voice, it would be great if they could be posted to the
>> memorial page.
> Sasha made an impassioned speech at Extro4, all of which was
> recorded. Recall, he came up along the right side of the hall
> from the audience and stood with a microphone, and spoke
> with a russian accented, strong even voice. I believe it was
> during one of the panel discussions, but the exact circs escape me.
> That speech really impressed me, and would surely be a
> wonderful thing to transcribe and post on the memorial page.

If anyone has a physical recording of that, or pictures that
aren't on Sahsa's own site, or anything else they would like
to include in the memorial, I'll digitize them and include them.
You can send them to me at 4732 River College Drive, Sacramento,
CA 95841, and I will return them after putting them on the site.

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