Re: law enforcement for profit

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 19:52:24 MDT

>Spike Jones wrote:

> > Mike I think you were too hard on Zero, tho. I know that
> > he did publish his first and last name on the list last time
> > we went thru this particular memefest, actually I think he
> > did so at least twice before. {8-] spike

Whats the discomfort with addresses? The phone book
disgorges that kind of info in bulk. Last time I was house
shopping I learned that your mortgage status (!) is public domain.
Info. Went to the Sunnyvale library, could look up who owned
what house, its configuration, lot size, how much they paid,
when, and how much they owed on the property.

Even I, the original info nudist, could see where that might
be a bad idea: if some litigious jehovahs witness wanted to
arrange an accident in front of my house to sue for
damages because I had an uneven crack in the walkway,
the first thing she would do would be to look up someone who
had their house paid for, or nearly so.

The real estate agent last time I sold a place said that a property
up to its eyeballs in mortgage is worth more than one that is
paid for. (?) Thats where the info comes from, the library.
Or did a few years ago. On microfilm. Updated semiannually.

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