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Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 21:30:36 MDT

At 09:23 AM 9/05/00 +0100, Charlie Stross wrote:

>Two points to note for those who aren't intimately familiar with the
>British media ...
>Firstly, the Mail on Sunday is the Sunday edition of the Daily Mail,
>probably the most right-wing (in a reactionary sense

True. That doesn't automatically render Moore's commentary invalid (but
it's obvious that people like the Mail's proprietors are going to be
gleeful at his latest statement).

>Secondly, Patrick Moore, although a great media personality (and
>presenter of one of the world's longest-running weekly TV shows, "The
>Sky at Night", on BBC TV) is noted for being somewhat on the barking mad
>fringe, politically.

Wrong Moore. Surely you didn't even for a moment imagine your candidate was
a co-founder of Greenpeace?


"Dr. Patrick Moore may be a good marine biologist and a former founder of
    Greenpeace but he is presently paid by the timber industry to deliberately
    mislead the public and politicians about the acceptability of
aggressive logging

      Dr Leonie Jacobs
      University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, 1996

and lots more slagging off at

for a different view (randomly plucked from the net)

< Imagine being part of a well-known group of outspoken rebels whom you
considered your political allies and friends and then having them suddenly
abandon you, calling you a big fat liar and vowing to destroy you?

< Thatís exactly what happened to Dr. Patrick Moore, a renowned British
Columbian environmentalist who was one of the dozen or so founders of
Greenpeace in the 1970s. After serving nine years as president of
Greenpeace Canada and seven years as Director of Greenpeace International,
Moore abandoned the movement in the late 1980s and now scorns the
organization for its radical ideas, negativity and intellectually bankrupt
leadership. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Moore speak last week and I
found his thoughts on modern environmentalism to be some of the most
refreshing I had heard in a long while. Iíd like to share his story with
you. >


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