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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 16:56:31 MDT

"Ruthanna R Gordon" <> wrote:
> My current life partner is of the same gender as I am. Sometimes
> we hold hands when we are walking down the street. Sometimes, when no one
> else is around, I even kiss her. In many places, this is still listed as
> a crime.

In most states it is still a crime to have perform any sexual activity
between unmarried partners. We are all supposed to be virgins when/if we
get married. Unmarried people are supposed to stay virgins forever. This
is the law of the land, upon which our nation was founded....

> When I'm walking around with my friends, we often discuss
> possibilities for the future--any and all, including futures in which the
> United States government no longer exists (we are none of us liable to act
> to further such a future, but it's awkward to insert disclaimers such as
> this one into all of our statements). This is definitely illegal.

For a while, I let my subscription to Entropy magazine run out. My security
consulting with certain U.S. Government agencies which don't officially
exists required me to identify any publications I received that ever mention
illegal activity, disapproval of the government, the possibility of the
government going away, or advocating any civil disobedience. (I now no
longer have those constraints, and hence, here I am!)

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