Re: Blame Bill Gates for ILOVEYOU

Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 16:57:02 MDT

In a message dated 08/05/00 22:43:47 GMT Standard Time,

> Alex wrote: "Harvey, I'm not aware of any such backdoors"
> I'm no expert but the fact that net bios is bound to wan side DUN by
> default, after it has been complained about forever, is one obvious
> When I was a software tester at MS, and complained about this issue, they
> said "so what.. it doesn't matter.. shut up", 2 weeks later OOB attacks
> became very popular.

    True, and its amazes me that people still leave port 139 wide open on
their Firewalls !
My train of though twas more along the lines of intentional backdoors like
the "welcome professor falcon" "hello Joshua" type rather than overlooked or
as in your case *ignored* backdoors (or was it intentional to leave systems
open to OOB attacks ?). I feel a conspiricy brewing in the back of my mind ;o)

    Maybe as an x-tester at Ms you could answer me this about "easter eggs".
Is MS aware of them before the products are released or do the programers
just slip them in to prove they can get one over on the company ?.


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