Re: Blame Bill Gates for ILOVEYOU

Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 16:04:00 MDT

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> These are deliberate back-doors put in the e-mail software to allow outside
> people to execute commands on your PC. Microsoft insists on keeping these
> backdoors, because they use them for their own purposes. They also refuse
> to add security so that they can only be used by Microsoft. As a result,
> these backdoors are not only known to exist, but they are documented and
> advertised in Microsoft manuals on how to send executable scripts that run
> on other people's computer.
> This is not a simple lack of infallibility. This is sheer stupidity.
> Microsoft is deliberately and knowingly keeping these backdoors open
> the Microsoft thinks that its desire to send commands to your computer
> easily outweighs your desire to not allow hackers to send commands to your
> computer easily. Security professionals have asked Microsoft to fix these
> backdoors, and Microsoft claims that it would not be in their best interest
> to do so.

    Harvey, I'm not aware of any such backdoors, but I don't doubt their
existance for one minute. Do you have any links to material about them ?.
Security is one of my greatest concerns and I always feel like im not playing
on a level pitch. With MS, hackers and ignorant managers I sometimes feel "if
you cant beat em..." . Good job I have scruples.


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