Zero the Attacker (Was Re: law enforcement for profit)

From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 21:41:33 MDT

>From: "Harvey Newstrom" <>
>"Michael S. Lorrey" <> wrote

>c) You've never done the
> > same thing when Zero treated me in the same way in other debates, so you
> > are practicing a double standard. Because the idea in question is such a
> > personal matter the point is that the mere idea of his attacks me
> > personally, as much as the opinions of any german fascist threaten a
> > Jew.
>I don't follow you, but please quote the exact postings you mean. I
>to forward them with an official request for review to have the list owners
>and list moderators. We can then see if they agree with your claim of
>personally attacked by Zero.

Yes, Michael. You like to justify your continual intimidation, insults and
attacks on me ("fascist", "hypocrite", and "coward" come to mind) by saying
that I'm the one who's really doing the attacking. You've now been called
on this by someone on the list besides me. Now it's time for *you* to "walk
the walk" that you talk. I join Harvey's challenge to you to quote any
personal attacks on you that I have made. If you really have as much
integrity as you like to claim, you will either quote my "attacks" or you
will apologize. If you do *either* of these, my opinion of you will improve
by an order of magnitude. My bet, however, is that you will do neither.


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson
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