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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 12:46:53 MDT

Spike Jones wrote:
> > >My brother is marrying a Marin, so I was wondering if you lived either
> > >in Arizona or Massachusetts...
> >
> > Damien Broderick wrote:Oh my god - for a moment I thought you said your
> > brother was marrying a Martian. Then I saw that he was only marrying a
> > Marine, so that's okay.
> I hear they can do that across the street in Vermont now. {8^D
> BTW, lets hear it for Vermont! Live Free or Die!
> Ive always wondered about that saying as a motorcyclist. Vermont
> has no helmet laws, one of the last states to have none. Consequently
> if you ride in Vermont, you need not choose between live free or die.
> You can do both! {8-]
> What say ye, Mike? spike

Well, I had predicted that the legislature would wind up coming to just
this compromise, where gays, as well as family members, can obtain
'civil union' recognition, but that civil unions are not, in fact,
marriages. I'm actually surprised that nobody has been making cracks
about this as a form of legalizing incest, that there must be a lot of
brothers and sisters or fathers and daughters living together if this is
such an important thing, is, after all, Vermont. Not quite West
Virginia, but pretty close... ;)

Vermont and NH reflect a pretty good example of the minor differences
between anarcho-socialists and anarcho-capitalists, though NH is
beginning to suffer from political osmosis from Massachusetts. People
move up here to get away from taxes and how bad things are down there,
but then try to turn NH into the same sort of wasteland they escaped
from. Those that escape to Vermont from New York are following a
slightly different strategy, once they've gotten to Vermont, they then
lobby to close the door tighter against other people coming in, but at
the same time they are squeezing the traditional Vermonter out as
well... You can basically say that the Vermont Legislature is the New
York Liberal Government-in-Exile on many issues, trying to make Vermont
the gated community of the northeast.

Yeah, Vermont doesn't require helmets, but they do require seat belts.
NH does require helmets but doesn't require seatbelts for adults.
Vermont does require car insurance for everyone, NH only requires it for
DWI convicts and people who have caused an accident causing over x
dollars in damages. Vermont doesn't require any permit to carry a
concealed weapon (but no other states recognise a Vermonter's right to
carry reciprocally) while NH requires a permit, but they are required to
issue it within 14 days if you are not a felon, and at least a half
dozen states reciprocate (because its not a discretionary permit,
because its locally issued, not by the state, and because its not a
permit with a photo, even though the permit with your drivers license is
supposed to be sufficient corroboration, many states insiste on at least
one of these conditions to reciprocate). NH does have an
anti-discrimination law that recognises gays equal rights, and they are
equally free to marry a member of the opposite sex whenever they want
to, just as I am.

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