Fungimol version 0.2

From: Tim Freeman (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 13:07:19 MDT

Announcing Fungimol version 0.2.

Fungimol is a extensible system that allows one to design atomic-scale
objects. It's written in C++, and presently runs under Linux.

It comes with source and binaries for Brennermd, a Fortran public
domain molecular dynamics system for hydrocarbon chemistry produced by
Donald Brenner, J.A. Harrison, S.B. Sinnott, and O. Shenderova.

Changes since version 0.1:

* Wire frame drawing.
* Much more general Buckminsterfullerine editing.
* A new "Gallery" section to the document, with one entry for a
   six-toothed buckminsterfullerine gear.
* The GIF's in the tutorial are now compressed, so the tutorial is now
   accessible to people with slow net connections.
* Performance improvements and bug fixes.
* The animated GIF of a buckygun isn't a change, but it's really
   cool, so I'll mention the URL anyway:

Documentation, sources, and binaries are at

Tim Freeman
May 6, 2000

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