Re: law enforcement for profit

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 01:42:25 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:
> >From: Eugene Leitl <>
> >
> >Zero Powers writes:
> >
> > > Surveillance has *nothing* to do with freedom. You are free now to do
> >
> >No, of course not. Nothing at all. Slavery is freedom.
> This is like the umpteen millionth time someone has posted "slavery is
> freedom" in these surveillance threads. And it still has just as little
> persuasive power as the first time. For the future, assume that everyone on
> the list assumes that you have read _1984_.

The question is, do you actually understand it? I don't think so.

> >Currently, you can do a lot of perfectly innocuous, but illegal
> >things, which won't result in any persecution, because no one will
> >ever find out about it.
> Exactly my point. *All* criminals rationalize their crimes ("I had to rob
> that store in order to survive"; "She deserved to be raped, look at the way
> she was dressed"; "Of course I cheat on my taxes, I don't agree with what
> Uncle Sam spends my money on", etc. etc.) So merely because you rationalize
> your crimes as being "innocuous" does not deprive them of their illegality.

Innocuous meaning that they are victimless. Proper crime mandates that
there be a victim. Prosecution of victimless crime is simply tyranny.
The fact you won't identify yourself indicates that you have something
to hide. A criminal record, perhaps? Maybe you are a politician or
pundit whose actual goal is the institution of a 1984-like world
government? Maybe you merely are a mental patient?

Since we already know your first name is Michael, I can suggest a list
of possible real names for you that would fit the statements you have
made on this list:
Michael Milken
Michael Jackson
Michael Tyson? (no, thats ludicrous...)
Michael Kinsley (I definitely believe that one...fits his tyrannical
self to a T, the only counter argument is that Michael Kinsley is far to
busy a person to waste his time on this list...)

> >Do you want to make many people miserable, you included? Then, vote
> >for transparent society.
> I, like most law-abiding citizens, have absolutely nothing to fear from a
> transparent society. If your deeds are good, you have no interest in
> keeping them secret. If you are willing to fight tooth and nail to keep
> your deeds hidden..., well do the math.

Since you repeatedly refuse to disclose your real name on this list,
when I and others have done so as a matter of standard practice, then
you obviously have something to hide. You obviously beleive that this
transparent society is meant for all the rest of us peons and not for
someone like you.

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