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Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 18:30:55 MDT

At 05:39 PM 5/5/00 -0400, Edward wrote:

>Dear Max and (Natasha ) (Gillian's script was written before I changed me

> I've been using supplements to gain youth. I'm 40 and I want to live a
>very long time because there's so much I've missed. I saw you on the
>videotape Future Fantastic with Gillian Andersen. Do you know how I can
>1. Live longer.
>2. Stop drinking alcohol.
>3. Stop smoking cigarettes.
>4. Find out more about Nutraceutics Pro hGH symbiotropin.


2. Why stop drinking alcohol? (Unless you can't stop drinking it, in
which case this is serious and I'm no expert.) Regarding consumption of
alcohol, I use this drug from time to time, especially champagne, beer and
3. Now here is a nasty nicotine drug. Most people say that it's best to
go cold turkey and use a patch. If you are someone who can be hypnotized -
hypnosis, I find, is a helpful way to overcome patterns.

4. Research Human Growth Hormone on the Web.

I'm glad you saw Future Fantastic. I thought it was a superb series.

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