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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 15:43:25 MDT

Here's some news I got today from one of my congressmen, rep Charlie Bass:

> New Millennium Classrooms Act Puts More Computers in Schools
> I am working on legislation that would increase the numbers of computers
> donated to schools and libraries. The New Millennium Classrooms Act (H.R.
> 2308) is particularly focused on increasing computer donations to schools
> most in need. A 1997 study found that public schools have only one
> multi-media computer for every 24 students on average. The ratio is even
> greater in schools located in economically distressed areas. Many times the
> computers in the schools are too old for today's software or to access the
> Internet at an acceptable speed.
> The New Millennium Classrooms Act, which I cosponsored this week, would
> allow businesses and manufacturers to receive a tax credit equal to 30% of
> the retail value of donated computer equipment. In order to ensure that
> equipment is up-to-date, the bill limits the donation to computers three
> years of age or less. The bill will help overcome the digital divide by
> providing computer access to students from lower income families.

So it looks like congress at least is trying to encourage a private solution to
the problem, rather than trying to fund some big government bureaucracy to do it
for far more money...

One a more ironic note, here's another excerpt from his message. The wording is
loose enough that you'd think he was proposing we end the drug war...:

> Increasing Americans Access to Cheaper Drugs from Other Countries
> I am a cosponsor of legislation to help increase access in America to less
> expensive drugs from other countries. The Drug Import Fairness Act (H.R.
> 3240) is a good first step toward making drugs more affordable. The bill
> would amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to clarify certain
> responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with respect to
> the importation of drugs into the United States.
> There are a number of rules and regulations governing the importation of
> drugs. These rules are intended to ensure quality and safety in
> pharmaceutical products. There is concern, however, that the FDA is placing
> obstacles in the way of legal drug importation that exceed the intent of
> current law, thereby stifling imports of less expensive drugs to America.
> The Drug Import Fairness Act would prevent the FDA from improperly stopping
> the importation of perfectly safe and less expensive drugs by requiring the
> agency to notify an importer of what is wrong with a package the agency
> seeks to block. This is a good first step to lowering drug prices. I will
> continue to examine what additional steps can be taken to bring price
> fairness across borders and otherwise reduce the burden increasing drug
> costs are placing on Americans.

Yeah, baby, more cheap drugs is what we need, thats for sure...

Mike Lorrey

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