Dolly Parton-transhumanist!

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 15:33:01 MDT

Natasha wrote:
Dolly Parton-what a breath of fresh air! It's pleasantly ironic to know she
has "transhuman" qualities-if not by the various augmentations,
modifications and upgrading of her human form, than certainly in her humor:

I never thought of Dolly Parton as having transhuman qualities! Very interesting. I have always enjoyed her sense of humor. Now, can we get her signed up for cryonics? lol I think of Cher as also being very transhuman in the sense that she fights to retain her youthful appearance through diet and surgery.

Your post made me wonder what music award shows will be like let's say... eighty years from now! Self-deprecating humor will be used to poke fun at a stars desire to automorph their total appearance on a regular basis. Marilyn Manson would envy what his counterpart in the year 2080 could do!

I can just imagine it if we had the technology now, parents would hear cries like, "Mom, can I have the gene mod package deal to look like Shania Twain?" "All my friends are doing it!" "And you let my brother get the living dead zombie gene mod to fit in with his pals!"

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