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Subject: More on Ayn Rand in Russia

I'm sure that by now most of you know that Ayn Rand's novels have been
published in Russia and that the newly appointed economic advisor to the
President, Andrei Illarionov, has been powerfully influenced by ATLAS
SHRUGGED, stating publicly that its philosophy is the only solution to
Russia's desperate economic problems. Perhaps you do not know that President
Putin, too, has a copy of ATLAS in his personal library--in the Kremlin. It
was sent to him by Andrei Illarionov and by a man named Dimitry Kostuguine.

Dimitry, a young Russian, has dedicated six years of his life to the
translation of WE THE LIVING, THE FOUNTAINHEAD, and ATLAS. They were first
published in St. Petersburg, and more recently in Moscow.

Glenn Cripe, a good friend of mine, spent years raising the money so that
Dmitry could do the necessary translating, etc., to have these books and
others published in Russia. He helped Dmitry to learn everything involved in
publishing and publicizing. Glenn traveled back and forth to Russia a
number of times, providing for Dmitry such miracles as a computer, enough
money for
work space, etc. A wonderful story Glenn told me is that he and Dimitry
arranged to have the news of the publication of, I think THE FOUNTAINHEAD,
blared over the sound system of the St. Petersburg train station--the same
station where Lenin arrived to start the Communist Revolution, the same
station where Ayn Rand left St. Petersburg to go to America. What an
incredible story it all is!

I'm sure some of you will wish to congratulate Dimitry and Glenn. Dimitry's
email is dk@aynrand.ru. Glenn's email is glenncripe@yahoo.com.

You will be interested to know that at present two representatives of the
Cato Institute are in Moscow, conferring with Andrei Illarionov.

Barbara Branden

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