RE: Working Within the System

From: Billy Brown (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 10:45:20 MDT

James Rogers wrote:
> You may be a little out of touch with the market then. Java is rapidly
> becoming a standard environment for large-scale back-end systems. It *is*
> a major turd on the front-end, hence why you don't usually see Java there,
> but on the back-end it represents a very acceptable trade-off of features
> as a development environment. Java is becoming a defacto standard for
> server-side web work, largely because it is superior to most other options
> as a general purpose back-end development tool in the Internet realm.

I'm well aware of the market. Java is the current fad in the UNIX world, but
I've seen lots of fads come and go. Java hasn't been around long enough to
produce very many large-scale applications, and EJB is even younger. Most of
the current feeding frenzy is therefore centered around trying to figure out
how the technology works, rather than actually doing something useful with

Now, I was actually commenting on the state of industry marketing hype,
rather than the technology itself. But if you want to talk about the merits
of Java, we can do that - I actually think it is a pretty good environment,
especially compared to C. However, modern component technology is better for
solving actual business needs than straight Java, and EJB has some serious
problems that put it at a disadvantage vs. COM+.

Billy Brown

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