RE: Insulin up = Lifespan down *AND* Glucose up=Lifespan down

From: Al Villalobos (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 10:27:18 MDT

 Robert Bradbury wrote:

"Al, I believe you may be misinterpreting the results. Studies with
diabetics have consistently shown that maintenance of proper insulin
levels extends lifespan.

More correctly, I believe you want to say that high *glucose* levels or
perhaps high *glucose* level "spikes" (before insulin can be produced
to bring the levels down to normal) correspond to diminished lifespan.
There is a path, probably highly genetic, involving "insulin resistance"
that may lead to a failure of the body to respond to the production
of insulin. That allows circulating glucose levels to remain higher
longer, most likely causing more extensive damage. The primary culprit
here *is* the glucose and not the insulin. "

Yes, you are absolutely right. But so am I! (I think)
In both of T. Parr's works published in Gerontology in '97 and '99 "insulin
Exposure and ageing theory" and "Insulin exposure and unifying ageing" He
clearly outlines a mechanism for ageing caused by a hormone imbalance caused
by elevated insulin levels dubbed the HI-GFE theory (Hormone
imbalance-Growth factor exposure theory)

I am currently trying to scan these papers as we speak but the OCR is not
cooperating due to the poor quality of the copies I have. I will make them
available as soon as possible.

The points I believe you were speaking to Robert is what I believe to be the
opposite side of the same coin, in a way. Generally, If you have high
insulin, you also have high glucose right? (we're talking about
non-diabetics here) I am generally familiar with the concept of Glycation
and how humans basically cook themselves to death over time. I'm focusing on
this hormone imbalance thing first before I attack the high glucose/AGE
thing, (See Alteon ) for their work on
de-crosslinking drugs) though it seems to me right now that the two are
closely related through the consumption of carbohydrates.

Al Villalobos <== Struggling to understand with no coursework in


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