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From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 09:45:04 MDT

> Perhaps there are other people who think I am stupid, sentimental or sloppy
> in my thinking, but you are the only one who consistently says it. If you
> cannot disagree with my ideas without calling them stupid, please do not read
> my posts or respond to them.

That phenomenon is interesting, and seems to be an effect of an
interesting interaction: (1) I read all posts made, in order, with
no heed to poster or thread; (2) When I see any opinion or idea
expressed that I have strong opinions about, I respond with my own,
quoting only the words being responded to; (3) You and I seem to be
interested in similar topics, but come at them from nearly opposite
points of view; (4) I'm frequently rude.

These factors combine into an effect that might look like a
personal attack. But if there were someone else that had similar
interests and differing opinions, the same thing would happen.
Not that I shun personal attacks when appropriate, but this isn't
one--it just looks that way.

> ... Yet [others] know how to treat people decently
> and deal with me in a gentlemanly fashion.

Politeness is a disease I have no use for, and I've made that
case many times before so I won't repeat it here (look in the
archives--I think the word "rude" is in the titles of many
messages in the thread). You are, of course, free to call me a
boorish ass, and I will not object. It's interesting that
you use the word "gentlemanly": even more than politeness in
general I have no respect at all for patronizing paternalism.
If you think I should give you a break because of your gender,
think again.

> Personally I don't think there's one stupid person on this list.

I agree, but there's lots of stupid ideas, some of mine included.
I will not cripple the effective communication here by coddling
people's feelings instead of telling it like I see it.

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