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Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 09:45:56 MDT

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> > It is important to realize the biological
> > influences in our lives, but not think they are constantly overpowering
> us,
> > while we are near-helpless pawns.
> >
> I also assert that almost *all* coffee table fashionable literature
> (including the Howard Gardner) is \

Uh, my nails are getting too long.

OK I assert that fashionable trendy stuff is a-priori research gone a little
wack. I mean things like Bell Curve, Howard Gardner, Selfish Gene, Emotional
IQ, etc.

It doesn't mean it's not USEFUL nor does it mean it does not contain SOME

: ) It is just questionable as to whether it shows the whole picture, the
*complete* truth. It's skewed. Extremely suspect. They start with the idea of
justification, not pure research. They all have ramifications on social
order. That is why so many react emotionally to these theories. If the trendy
thing reflects YOUR particular justification, you are likely to believe it.
If not, it's utter horse dookie.

Steven J. Gould has a good book out about brain size and intelligence, which
was a fashionable scientific theory for a while...

Queen Sloppy Thinking Stupid Idea.


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