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From: Martin Ling (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 21:34:32 MDT

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 12:23:59PM +1000, Emlyn (pentacle) wrote:
> Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
> >
> > Sorry, but his reality is a lot closer than yours. As a former Microsoft
> > employee involved in O/S work (NT 3.1 in my case), I agree that there was
> > never any specific intent to hide APIs from application developers.
> > Indeed, Microsoft donated office space in its own building for various
> > application developers to work with APIs under development.
> You really worked on NT 3.1? I would love to hear more about it, as might
> others on this list.

Myself for one.

> Anyone who is bored by such discussion, just remember that your future
> wearables/surgical implants may very well run an MS or MS derived OS,

At the moment, I do find this quite unlikely. I'm active on some of
the wearable lists, and have my own construction in progress (minus the
display, for now).

The vast majority of efforts in progress are using Linux or other
unices, since MS systems don't posess the flexibility to move
to that environment. Which is not to say, of course, that MS could not
produce software for wearables - but I imagine by the time they take
any steps in that direction other

But there are also ideas about doing something completely new - the
current thread on wear-hard is a discussion of the possibilities of
using custom code on Z80 derivatives... maybe some old skills coming
back to life here :)


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