Re: smart pistols

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 17:58:59 MDT

"" wrote:
> The purpose of electronic ignition in target guns is to a) provide
> quicker ignition with less trigger pull, and b) reduce vibration from
> firing pin movement. The electronic ignition systems in these guns
> take up most of the volume of the stock, something that is not
> available with concealable self defense pistols.
> Michael S. Lorrey
> Yes, less trigger pull: few grams, even two grams, but here the
> shooting technique Is very peculiar (pulsating finger, etc.), due to
> some neuro-muscular inhibition. But also a constant trigger pull,
> not depending on weather conditions. The sear-hammer friction,
> in mechanical triggers, depends on weather conditions. The new
> Morini (a swiss firm) electronic trigger is much smaller, about 3.5
> cm x 1 cm, with chip, memories, solenoid and a watch battery.

I don't expect a watch battery to last that long, especially if its
being used to create a spark enough to ignite nitrocellulose.

> Top shooters (gold medalists too) say that mechanical trigger is
> faster. Iím not a top shooter now, but I was, long time ago. Actually
> the mechanical trigger semms to be faster. Well, the firing pin gets
> the same speed, in the same time, in both triggers. The trigger
> pull is the same too (the feeling is much different). When the
> current flows in the solenoid, a pin quickly comes out (of the
> solenoid) and this pin (heavy enough) releases the firing pin. I
> suppose that this process is not so fast.

The designs I've seen place the electrode pin directly against the
primer when the bolt is closed. When the current is switched on by the
trigger switch, the current, depending on the design, does one of two
things: a) it either causes a peizo material in the primer to force the
fulminate material in the primer against the anvil, igniting the
cartridge, or b) shunts current to a spark gap within the cartridge.

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