Re: GENE/SOC: Playing Devil's Advocate

Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 00:36:59 MDT

Mike Lorrey writes:
> Predation is not a 'problem'. Its a solution. It weeds out the weak and
> ill and aged. It is THE instrument of evolution.

It WAS. Biological evolution has no more place in the world. The
future belongs to intelligence, not genes.

> Predation IS nature at
> work. Predation is most certainly NOT bloodthirsty.

Actually, predators do thirst for blood. They are, literally,

> Predators do not
> kill more than they need to, and viciousness is a human sentiment.
> Animals are not concerned with being mean, or causing pain and
> suffering, they are interested in FOOD.

That's true, but in the process they cause tremendous pain and suffering.
The pain and suffering caused by animal predators throughout history
far outweighs anything humans have experienced.

> The only reason you don't feel
> the same way about herbivores is that plants can't make noise to object
> when they are eaten or flee from their consumers, even though studies
> have shown that plants object just as much to being damaged or
> destroyed. Eating plants versus eating animals is ethically no
> different, both are harvesting the body of another living thing for
> one's own sustenance.

Plants don't have brains. They are not conscious. They are no more
able to feel pain than a rock is.


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