Re: TSD: Emotion vs. Intellect (magnify human emotions?)

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 20:52:50 MDT

Matt Gingell wrote:

> Surely love is a chemical state, some dopamine regulated attachment response.
> What about inventing a pill that fakes it? Two lonely people with nothing
> particular in common could agree to be imprinted upon each other. ... - it doesn't
> matter how revolting you'd otherwise find each other, once you've been treated
> you hallucinate your true love's perfection as usual.

Matt are you old enough to have seen the pilot for Star Trek? Something
like this happened. It was way cool. The techno-gods causes a guy to
halucinate so that a really messed up accident woman was babe-ized.
What we wouldn't give for that tech today. spike

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