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Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 19:19:07 MDT

At 05:18 PM 4/30/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a piece of clipart depicting a posthuman - a godlike
>human silhouette arising from a galaxy, something that's obviously a
>Jupiter brain, et cetera - which would be usable, freely, on a T-Shirt?
>The caption, of course, will be "Just Imagine What I'll Be Like In Ten

Eli, are you looking for a "human" or a posthuman? If it's a posthuman,
then you probably don't you want an image that looks humanlike? I have
some Superhuman images, but they still have arms and legs and clearly in a
transhuman body.

Mike Lorrey suggested the Extropic Art Web site. or
Check it out, and take a look at his work, as well as other visual artists
and digital artists, such as Nadia Reed. Another Web site that has images
is at Nanogirl. There is also another digital artist such as Marque
Cornblatt who designs robotic Transhumanist Art and visual images as well.
His work was on the cover of a magazine last year.

Just a simple question about the 10 years -- posthuman in 10 years? -:)

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