Re: Extropia (transhumanists making a difference)

From: Dan Plante (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 17:17:44 MDT

If one of the regular watchers of that show has an all-in-wonder card, they
could capture it to an mpeg file, then post it to the
alt.binaries.multimedia newsgroup. Lots of TV shows and full-length movies
are posted there all the time. I, for one, would like to see this program,
and I'm sure a lot of others who frequent that newsgroup would find it
intriguing too. This would be a cheap and nasty way to expand the
"broadcast" area to a global scale.


At 03:08 PM 27/04/00 -0700 john grigg wrote:

>Natasha even has a cable access show(Wayne's World! Wayne's World!,
>sorry...) that discusses every week transhuman topics. It is sad that to my
>knowledge it is just shown around the L.A. area. Someone big needs to pick
>it up.

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